Final Inspection Guide

  • Doors, walls, window sills, floors, skirting boards be thoroughly washed.
  • Curtains be washed or dry cleaned 
  • Blinds and light fittings be dusted
  • Windows cleaned 
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Exhaust Fan covers taken down & washed
  • Cupboards, bench tops, stove top, griller & oven be thoroughly cleaned
  • Particular attention should be paid to bathrooms, toilets & laundry. All areas should be free of mould, mildew and soap residue.
  • Shower screens must be cleaned
  • Carpets must be professionally steam cleaned (if part of lease) 
  • All lawns & lawn edges are to be cut back. Garden beds should be left in a tidy manner, with all excess foliage trimmed back.
  • Garage, carport or store room should be thoroughly washed and free from any oil stains or any other markings
  • Make sure any damages caused by you are also repaired.
  • Disconnect all appliances such as Gas, Electricity & Telephone.
  • Make sure when you have completely cleaned and vacated the property you contact our Property Management Department to arrange a Final Inspection and return the keys.

We would strongly advise that you be present at the final inspection.