Inspired Selling with Bay.View.Beach Real Estate

The answers to these frequently asked questions should help ease your mind during the selling process. If you have any further queries, please visit the selling process page.

What happens after I select Bay.View.Beach Real Estate as my agency?

en selling a property, much of the early activity takes place behind the scenes. In line with your marketing plan, your photography, copy, internet listing, floor plan, brochures and sign board will need to be prepared, proofed and ordered. The space will be booked in your selected media, the sales staff briefed on your property, and appropriate buyers on the Bay.View.Beach Real Estate database contacted. You will be kept up to date at relevant points throughout the process.

How should I respond to property advice from other people?

Once your property is on the market, you will be likely to receive comments from well meaning relatives and friends. Try to bear in mind that this is not professional advice from an expert on local property. The Bay.View.Beach team are always available to review the comments with you, and update the market feedback at any time.

When will inspections be held in my property?

Once a property is listed with Bay.View.Beach Real Estate, all registered buyers are assessed as potential prospects for your property. Those who are well matched will be contacted, and encouraged to arrange an inspection. Our policy is always to phone you first, in order to give you as much time as possible to prepare. We strongly encourage you to be ready for inspections at short notice.

Will a member of the Bay.View.Beach team accompany all potential buyers?

Yes. If anyone asks to inspect directly with you, please refer them straight to our office for qualifying. Do not disclose why you are selling, or the price you are willing to accept. While your home is on the market, we would recommend you never allow anyone in unless you know exactly who they are and what they are there for.

Will I be kept up to date during the selling process?

There will be a meeting with you prior to your first open house, to prepare you for the various different scenarios over the coming weeks. Your team member will also give you regular updates throughout the selling process.

Will Bay.View.Beach Real Estate advise me on all offers?

As your agent, we will keep you informed on everything the market is indicating, both good and bad. We will be direct and open with you. We will always provide accurate feedback on property inspections and confirmed offers. Our role is to find out what the true market opinion of your property is, and how real buyers compare it with similar properties. It is a fact that properties sell when they meet their current market value. We take great care in negotiating and maximising price terms and conditions to your benefit. When we sell your property, we will have confirmed its real market value.

Should I accept an early offer on my property?

Whether you should hold out for a higher price or accept an early offer is always a tough decision. The Bay.View.Beach team have a role to play, which is aiming to achieve the best possible price. Part of this is setting the quoted price range to both follow your instruction and also present the property in the most appealing way. You will find that when your property first enters the market, it often creates it’s own momentum. Qualified buyers are more likely to make offers if they fear losing out, so some of the best offers can occur during the early stages. If you are not backed by the right research or advice, and reject these early offers without proper consideration, it may result in your property subsequently selling for less at a later date. Some owners turn down early offers because they think it is all too hasty, have become overly confident of the market, or are relying on poorly informed research. Before you dismiss any early offers, take time out to think through these issues.

In the final event, it is up to you to decide whether or not you will accept an offer. Please remember that the Bay.View.Beach team will always support your decision – and we will keep working with you until a satisfactory outcome is achieved. The most important thing to remember is that every offer is a sign of interest and can be a starting point for negotiations.


Selling Tips: 

To achieve the best selling price for your property, you need to see it through a buyers’ eyes. The Bay.View.Beach Real Estate team used their unsurpassed peninsular experience to compile these inspirational tips to help sell your home.

Property preparation tips

Make minor repairs

Those small things like leaking taps, chipped paint on doorframes, stained carpet or cracked windowpanes are easy to fix. However, they leave a bad impression if you don’t attend to them prior to selling.

Have a garden or balcony makeover

A covetable outdoor area improves the aesthetic of your home and adds to the perception of value.

Invest in a professional styling consultation

Correctly styling a property with your own, or hired, furniture will enhance the feel and create a feeling of space, particularly if your property is vacant.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

Use neutral colours to make your spaces feel fresh, new and light.

De clutter

Personal possessions can stop a buyer seeing the space. Keep surfaces largely clear from items such as photographs, certificates and cards. Clear away electrical cables.

Photography preparation tips

Living areas

Clean all surfaces. Turn off the television. Remove remotes, magazines, newspapers, sofa covers and tablecloths (unless there is visible damage underneath), exercise equipment, toys and pedestal fans. Ensure CD’s and books are neatly shelved or arranged.


Clean all surfaces including cooktops and range hoods. Remove anything stored on top of the fridge or cupboards, remove bench top appliances, fridge magnets, tea towels, soap, cleaning products, dish rack, bins, floor mat, pet bowls, notepads, pens and keys. Enhance the space with fresh flowers and a bowl of fruit.


Clean all surfaces and tidy walk in robes. Remove all personal items from bedside tables and dressing tables. Ensure items stored under beds are not visible. Check the bedside lamps are working.


Clean all surfaces, including mirrors and shower screen. Clean tiles and regrout if necessary. Remove toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning products, bathroom scales, bathmats, bins, toys and the bathmat. Ensure the towels are matching; and hang them neatly.

Outside areas and pools

Clean BBQ and pool (including removal of all bugs). Remove garden equipment (including the hose), pool cover and toys. Remove toys and play equipment, washing and pegs, pets and their evidence. Park all vehicles out of sight. Ensure all outside lights are working and don’t splash water around the pool unless there is time for it to dry.

Open home preparation tips

Create street appeal

Make sure your house number is clearly visible from the street.

Give your best friend a break

Ask a neighbour or friend to look after your pets while the open house is on.

Ensure your home smells fresh

Open windows and air the house. Place fresh flowers and fruit and invest in welcoming candles such as vanilla or jasmine.

Give it one last tidy

Check each room – put dishes away, empty the bins and vacuum. Remove all valuables. Make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are switched off.

Throw some light on it

Let as much natural light in as possible. Turn on ALL lights and lamps

Be temperate

Make sure it’s not too hot or cold; turn on the heater or air conditioner.

Face the music

Put some soft background music on to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Give us some space

Don’t hang around. Go for a walk or grab a coffee from a café.


Our experience, your advantage

Once you have made the decision to list your home for sale with Bay.View.Beach Real Estate, two things are required to get the ball rolling:

1. A signed copy of our agency sales agreement, which gives us the authority to sell your home.

2. The details of your solicitor or conveyancer, so that we can contact them to request the contract for sale.

With over twenty years’ local knowledge, the Bay.View.Beach team has an experienced and trusted local business network to help sell your home. Please let them know that you are selling your home with Bay.View.Beach Real Estate when you contact them.


Company:          Rigg Conveyancing 

Contact:             Robert Rigg

Location:            North Narrabeen

Ph:                     02 9913 9861

Email:                 [email protected]



Company:           Conveyancing at Pittwater

Contact:              Maureen Keary - 0404 873 460

Location:             Warriewood

Ph:                     02 9997 3460

Email:                 [email protected]



Building and Pest Inspections

Company:          Comprehensive Inspections

Contact:             Andrew Chalkley

Location:            Cromer

Ph:                      02 9971 8555



Property Styling

Company:          Furnish & Finish

Location:            Warriewood

Ph:                     02 9999 2926



Financial Advice

Company:              Westpac Bank

Contact:                 Graeme Keats (he will advise our contact at the Bank) 

Location:                Mona Vale

Ph:                         0414 95 7171


If you have any further enquiries, please visit the FAQ or Selling Process pages, drop in and visit us at 15, 12 – 14 Waratah Street, Mona Vale, or call one of the friendly and knowledgeable team on 02 9999 1373.