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Be inspired by our simple buying process.

Our extensive experience and attention to your requirements has allowed us to design our property buying process to be as simple as possible. These are the steps you will follow when buying a property with Bay.View.Beach Real Estate:

  1. As the buyer, you inspect the property you are buying, and request a second inspection if you wish.
  2. You must make sure your finances are in place.
  3. You will need to complete the offer to purchase form, including your current mailing address, contact numbers, solicitor details, offer amount, settlement terms and any special conditions. You can then be fax or email the form directly to your Bay.View.Beach Real Estate agent.
  4. You will then need to request the contract for sale, which you can check, and pass onto your solicitor or conveyancer. Bay.View.Beach Real Estate is also happy to drop a hard copy to your solicitor.
  5. Once the seller accepts your offer on the property, you will exchange on the property with a 0.25% deposit of the agreed price. There is a five day cooling off period, to allow for pest/building inspections and strata records checks if required. The property will still be open for inspection during this time. However, no other buyer can proceed whilst under contract.
  6. Once the cooling off period has passed, you exchange with a 10% unconditional deposit. The property is taken off the market and not shown to any other buyers.
  7. Once the property has exchanged, the deposit will be invested (if instructed by your solicitor) - both you and the seller will need to supply a Tax File Number.
  8. You will now deal with your solicitor or convenyancer up until the day of settlement. You Bay.View.Beach team member will refer everything to them.
  9. You may request a pre-settlement inspection the day prior or on the day of settlement (seek advice from your solicitor).
  10. The keys to your new property will only be handed over on day of settlement (once Bay.View.Beach Real Estate receives the order on the agent from either solicitor). The balance of the deposit and any interest accrued will be dispersed once this is received.
  11. The Bay.View.Beach team are only too happy to help with any enquiries during the buying process – however you should note that all legal matters must be addressed directly to your solicitor or convenyancer.

If you have any questions about the buying process, please call us on 02 9999 1373 or drop into the office at 15, 12 – 14 Waratah street, Mona Vale, NSW, 2104.